ATTO Revolutionizes Public Transport Payments with Palm-Based Biometrics

Executive Summary:
ATTO (Automated Transport Payment System), a leader in public transport payment solutions, partnered with UZINFOCOM, a prominent IT integrator, to implement a revolutionary palm-based biometric payment system. This case study explores the challenges of traditional contactless payment methods, the innovative solution leveraging Armatura's AMT-PVR-10 palm reader, and the impressive results achieved.
The existing public transport payment system relied on contactless methods like transport cards, debit cards, or cash. This approach presented inconveniences for passengers who needed to carry and manage multiple cards or ensure they had sufficient cash.
ATTO, in collaboration with UZINFOCOM, implemented a groundbreaking solution using Armatura's AMT-PVR-10 palm reader. This device utilizes a single-lens Near-Infrared (NIR) technology to capture grayscale palm images formed by palm print and subcutaneous vein pattern details for secure biometric identification. Thus, solving the need for a reliable and efficient biometric payment method. Users register within the MyID Palm system, generate a QR code, and link their transport card to their palm via the ATTO app. This seamless integration enables passengers to make quick and effortless payments using their palm. UZINFOCOM takes responsibility for the technological infrastructure and user identification, while ATTO manages the secure payment processing.
The new system has significantly enhanced the public transport payment experience:
  • Increased Convenience: Passengers no longer need to carry cards or cash, simplifying the payment process.
  • Improved Efficiency: Palm-based payments are faster and more streamlined than traditional methods.
  • High User Adoption: Over 20,000 users enrolled and actively utilized palm payments within a few months.
The vision for a more convenient and efficient public transport payment system has become a reality with the implementation of palm-based biometrics. The high user adoption rate underscores the success of this approach, paving the way for a future where contactless payments are truly effortless.
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