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What is Armatura


Armatura, an Atlanta-based global leader in biometric tech, prioritizes security and trusted identity verification for clients spanning systems integration, security, government, and multinational corporations. Their solutions blend AI, machine learning, and advanced biometrics, enabling seamless integration with third-party systems across various industries.
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Innovation in Action

ATTO Revolutionizes Public Transport Payments with Palm-Based Biometrics

ATTO (Automated Transport Payment System), a leader in public transport payment solutions, partnered with UZINFOCOM, a prominent IT integrator, to implement a revolutionary palm-based biometric payment system. This case study explores the challenges of traditional contactless payment methods, the innovative solution leveraging Armatura's AMT-PVR-10 palm reader, and the impressive results achieved.

Key Features

Why Choose Armatura for Biometric Solution?


Touchless palm recognition

Armatura utilizes the newest generation of palm recognition technology, which reaches a new height of the industry by verifying images of palm and palm print.

Palm image can be extracted by simply capturing the hands in front of camera for automatic recognition.


Our Solutions

Where Innovation Meets Security

At Armatura, we are at the forefront of biometric authentication innovation, where cutting-edge technologies converge to ensure uncompromising security and reliability. Our solutions integrate advanced imaging techniques, sophisticated encryption methods, and multimodal approaches to effectively combat fraud and ensure precise identity verification. This seamless fusion of innovation and security sets the standard for secure and efficient biometric solutions in today's evolving landscape.


Liveness Detection

Liveness Detection ensures biometric samples are from live individuals by detecting physical and behavioral traits. It uses IR and RGB imaging to detect spoofs like printed photos, video replays, and masks, reducing the False Detection Rate (FDR) and improving system accuracy and reliability.


Encryption Templates

It involve the use of unique encryption methods to protect biometric data. Proprietary encryption ensures that the specific algorithm and processes used are owned by the organization, adding an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorized access and tampering.


First-in-class Domain Fusion

First-in-class Domain Fusion in multimodal RGB systems refers to the integration of multiple biometric modalities (e.g., face, iris) within the RGB color spectrum. This fusion enhances the robustness and accuracy of the biometric system by leveraging different data sources for a comprehensive analysis.


BioCode - QR Code

BioCode uses QR codes to store and convey biometric data securely. This method allows for easy and quick retrieval of biometric information, facilitating efficient and secure identity verification processes.

Customer Testimonials


Armatura's biometric solutions have revolutionized our security systems. Their advanced hardware and software seamlessly integrate, providing an unparalleled level of accuracy and convenience. Our facility is now safer and more efficient thanks to Armatura's cutting-edge technology.

Customer: Debeyan Deb

Debeyan Deb

Chief Executive Officer, Lenscorp



Industries We Serve

Armatura, a leading biometric services provider in both software and hardware solutions, extends its expertise to cater to diverse industries including Healthcare, Banking, Workforce Management, and Multi-tenant Housing.


Armatura solutions are a great fit for any situation which prevents staff or patients from touching door handle surfaces.


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Armatura solutions are perfectly suited for addressing situations in educational institutes where minimizing contact with door handle surfaces by students or staff is essential.


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Armatura's solutions address factory challenges like unauthorized access and attendance management, enhancing security and efficiency.


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In Retail, Armatura's solutions tackle challenges like access control and surveillance, bolstering safety and operational efficiency.


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